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Frustrated with too much emails of resumes and recruitment? And are you looking for a “Helping Buddy”. Then you’re at right place. Edifybiz organize your all HR work easily. Also helps in leave management, Resume management & vendor management.

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HR Module


EdifyBiz HRMS is data-driven approach to managing people at work. The asset that is most important, is the least understood, least prone to measurement. Now, business leaders can make decisions about their people based on deep analysis of data rather than the traditional methods of personal relationships, decision making based on experience and risk avoidance. The things that you can define can get measured.

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Every organization processes payroll for its employees. It is an integral part of any organization. As the organization grows, manual calculation becomes very difficult.  

EdifyBiz Payroll module helps you to Create your own Salary Structures, create user defined salary heads, define professional tax slabs,Pay slip Generation, calculate salary through the policies defined,calculate final settlement, superannuation, generate PF Challans, Gratuity and calculate taxation with respect to salary.

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EdifyBiz Leave Management Module helps Apply, Sanction and Calculate leaves at real time. In today’s time employees work from different geographical locations or off site even different time zones. Leave Management module makes it easy for the employees and the HR to manage their leaves. Attendance and Leave policy is an important aspect of payroll processing. Hence it becomes a crucial module.

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Growing with everyone !

The databank of the potential workforce is an essential element of a successful HR department. In case of untimely termination of any workforce member, the databank comes handy when selecting overnight becomes mandatory. Apart from this a growing company may be in constant search of capable people to join in. EdifyBiz keeps all the resume and profiles of workforce ready to flip through with a click.


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Nothing goes unnoticed !

The HR Management Module of EdifyBiz is equipped to handle the record, list and data of all kinds of agreements, declarations, certificates and policies. It gives Code of conduct confirmation at regular intervals and also keeps Statutory Compliance with respect to taxation. It also keeps the information on Self certification/declarations of educational certificates and achievements along with Company Policy based compliance with respect to employee discipline with respect to Gifts, Bribes, Clean backgrounds, Declaration of activities after joining or family declarations.


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Info-manager comes handy !

The Human Resource Department is loaded with various information regarding the database, work force and staff. EdifyBiz Management Information System empowers you with info-graphical pointers and an intelligent approach to derive statistical information.


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