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Your people, with you… always !

With EdifyBiz Contact and Communication Management Module one can be just one touch away from all contacts, associates, clients, workforce, suppliers, dealers and everyone with whom your company is associated. All the demographics can be stored through smart multi-Label categorization that makes a smooth retrieval of data whenever needed. The Module can have multi-person and multi-branch connectivity along with DMS Integration. The Module also enables the user to handle social media profile with smart data in a click. Smart communication makes Smart Business and EdifyBiz helps you to do that.


  • Company / Contact Detailed Profiling
  • Multi-Category Assignment for Analysis and MIS
  • Multi-Person, Multi-Address, Multi-Bank
  • EdifyBiz Proprietory Get-In-Touch Campaign Assignment
  • EdifyBiz Proprietory Person Demographics Verifier Assignment
  • Sourcing Management
  • Followup, Minutes of Meeting, Activity
  • Third Party Mapping for Integrations
  • License And Statutories
  • Multi-Product Relationship

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We are all Ears !

Hyper-connectivity has already changed the perception of sales. Prospective customers already expect companies to establish credibility, make a personal connection and engage them. The turnaround time is becoming lesser and lesser.

With EdifyBiz Complaint management module you can track customer complaint registration from various sources like emails, websites, calls, and mobile app. It has an unique feature like auto assignment based on skills, products and zip code. You can create and manage an escalation matrix based on notifications at different stages.

Create Happy Faces!!

  • Integrated to Multiple Sources
  • Integrated to Contract Management
  • Spare Inventory Management
  • Dashboard for Inforgraphics and Analysis
  • Product, Model, SrNo based Complaint Tracking
  • Escalation Matrix with MutiPoint Track Rules
  • Mobile App Integration for Distribution Channel
  • GPS Tracking and Monitoring for ServiceMan
  • Auto-Asignment of complaints based on Rules
  • Spare Requisitions and Spare Store Management

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EdifyBiz - Contract Management


Everything is Black & White !

Clear Contract makes dealing fair and business profitable. EdifyBiz Contract Management Module facilitates the same by creating Multi template Contract profiles, thus keeping a strict track on due dates, renewals notifications, filters, complaints, costs analysis, increments, record services and more. The Module enables the entrepreneur to hire, maintain and nurture and healthy hassle-free taskforce and create an environment where the employer and employee grow together.


  • Multi Product Contract Management
  • Integrated to Complaint Management
  • Dashboard for Inforgraphics and Analysis
  • Product, Model, SrNo based Contract Tracking
  • Renewal Management with Auto Alerts
  • Integrated to Quotation and Sales

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EdifyBiz offers a single seamless platform that could be used by you to track the entire product life cycle and interdepartmental coordination and improves information sharing. Due to the hybrid models of delivery, operations have become complicated resulting into issues like delays, non-deliveries, wrong deliveries and similar challenges. This module brings visibility and keeps track of all the activities happening under the organization. It helps identify discrepancies or possible concerns, take decisions based on trends and take appropriate actions through intervention whenever required.

You can do step by step process streamlining, get alerts and notification at every stage, integrate it with Service and Logistics and control & monitor execution.

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EdifyBiz - Service Management
EdifyBiz - Service Tracking


Be a Know-It-All !

The company needs to have a track of all the office and on-field activities right away so as to maintain a healthy balance between the various departments, think on new layouts and bring about a productive business culture. EdifyBiz offers this smart Service Tracking Module that does smart compilation of schedules and resources along with on-feet GPS tracking. The Module also provides the employer or the team leader with a daily account of time sheet, task assigned and pending work accountability and more. This module keeps the workforce on its toes and the company on the move.


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Info-manager comes handy !

Right decisions taken at the right time with right people crack deals and make business. But for that to happen smoothly, the company management needs a smart, quick and efficient way to have access to all business information that can propel any discussion or decision making meeting a success. EdifyBiz Management Information System empowers you with info-graphical pointers and an intelligent approach to derive statistical information. Micro and macro detailing of information is now possible with this system along with auto alerts for emails notifications, hence making in-depth information of all departments accessible at one go.


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EdifyBiz - Service MIS